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Cookbooks are perfect keepsakes and an ideal addition to your online bookstore. Are you someone who is planning to put a recipe book together but clueless about how to go about it? Well, SunTec Digital has everything in place to help you with the resources and walk you through the entire process of cookbook creation, formatting, publishing, and distribution. After all, the entire world is going digital and you should definitely not be lagging behind, right?

Cookbook Conversions Services

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We, at SunTec Digital, render the finest fixed layout ebook creation and conversion services to aid in easily and successfully creating and promoting your cookbook online in no time.

Create Your Very Own Custom Cookbooks With Us

The foremost step that you must take towards creating an enticing cookbook is designing the front cover. Our design specialists can help you pick the most scintillating cover designs for your cookbooks and help you make a perfect first impression.

Fixed Layout Conversions For Digital Cookbooks

Wondering what do fixed layout conversions have to do with cookbooks? Well, let us help you understand this.

Fixed layout eBooks have been gaining quite a lot of popularity among online readers. The major reason behind this is the versatility of the content across different devices. So, with a majority of cookbooks demanding heavy formatting, fixed layouts should definitely be your go-to choice in order to provide a rather seamless and enjoyable reading experience. Another reason why fixed layouts are ideal for cookbooks is that they can accommodate any size very easily. With fixed layouts, paginations, and placements of photos and texts won’t be a matter of concern for you anymore. What else? Fixed layouts are best-suited for book formats that are rich in high-end images. Infact, features like colored backgrounds, multi-column text, and double-page spreads can be incorporated in the fixed layout format.

What’s even more interesting is that you can get your desired content transformed into a preferred file format, be it EPUB3 or PDF, that too keeping the entire format intact.

SunTec Digital specializes in transforming your content into just about any other format without hampering the quality and structure. So, whether you intend to convert your cookbooks in PDF format into EPUB3 or transform your physical cookbooks into a fixed layout cookbook, our seasoned experts, as part of our cookbook conversion services, help accomplish the entire conversion process in the most efficient, hassle-free, and effortless manner. What more could you ask for?!

Let us now discuss the next step, i.e., the editing and formatting of cookbooks.

Edit Your Cookbooks

The digital specialists at SunTec Digital go all out to edit your cookbooks and carry out cookbook formatting to achieve the desired output. Our experienced team of professional editors and proofreaders makes it a point to go through the cookbook word by word and make it free of typos and grammatical errors. Hire us to get your cookbooks up and running before sending them for publishing.

Get Your Cookbooks Published

Cookbooks have shifted from the print version to digital platforms. And so, it becomes imperative that authors and publishers also go digital and think of ways they can market their cookbooks to a larger reader base effectively.

Experts at SunTec Digital have helped many authors and publishers to get started with the upload and print of their cookbooks and also lend a helping hand in self-publishing them to facilitate access to a global audience. You can make your cookbooks as unique and attractive as you want them to be. All you need to do is share your requirements with us and let our seasoned experts take care of the rest. Infact, not just cookbooks, we also offer digitization of print magazines and publications with utmost accuracy and ease and scale-up conversions too!

Although there are a plethora of self-publishing options available out there, opting for SunTec Digital’s self-publishing solutions can really turn things to your advantage. Our power-packed team of publishing experts is not only adept at understanding what needs to be done and delivering the same with efficacy but is also very responsive to the distinct needs, ensuring that the job is accomplished within the stipulated time frame and budget.

Customize and publish your own cookbooks with SunTec Digital’s self-publishing cookbook services and experience exceptional service quality deliverance even under tight deadlines.

Distribution - Sell Cookbooks Directly To Your Audience

You get to market your cookbooks across different online platforms as preferred by the authors or publishers. SunTec Digital offers secure, flexible, and cost-effective Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions to ensure the safety and integrity of your digital content with restricted access and distribution. Hire one of our dedicated DRM Solution specialists to prevent unauthorized access, distribution, piracy, intellectual property theft, and streamline your workflows to boost efficiency. With SunTec Digital’s effective DRM services, you won’t have to worry about the unlicensed use of your cookbook content anymore!

Simplify The Entire Cookbook Publishing Cycle With SunTec Digital

Cookbooks can be a delightful gift or supplement to an online bookstore! We make it easier than ever for you to create something delicious while we take care of everything else from creation, editing, proofreading to publishing! So, are you ready to roll?

Our digital experts have been busy cooking up some of the most fascinating, unique, and special cookbooks that sell better than hotcakes! Create and sell your books more effectively with the help of SunTec Digital’s well-trained, professional digital specialists available to assist you at just the right time!

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