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OneRead for Online Publishing and Distribution

A cloud-based online digital publishing and digital content distribution platform, OneRead, helps publishers, authors, service providers, educational institutions, content collectors, corporates, etc., with seamless content sharing in all digitally accessible formats across different platforms. It supports rich media content (audio & video, animations & interactivity), fixed-layout & reflowable EPUB, and creates outstanding user experiences in both online and offline modes.

Our digital specialists help in creating, importing, selling, managing, and delivering digital content across multiple devices in the desired formats that are secure as well as easily readable.

SunTec Digital’s team of well-trained experts specialize in covering all aspects of your digital publishing and distribution needs under one roof. Whether you are a content creator, publisher, author, or educator - you can be rest assured about the transparency as well as security of your data and information. Publishers can now create their own apps and white-label them with OneRead.

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Simplify and Accelerate Your Content Transformation and Distribution

Import Rich Content

Do your users merely see and read your content? Import content for just about any device, viz. Mobile, tablet, or desktop, in any of the preferred formats, and offer a rather exemplary experience, encouraging them to learn, discover, and share.

Share Across Multiple Platforms

Delivering a seamless, highly-engaging user experience calls for a cross-platform outreach, especially at essential touchpoints, such as Android, iOS, and Web. Worried that someone might steal your content? OneRead has active DRM & License Management to ensure secure distribution of content.

Evaluate, Measure and Expand

With powerful analytics & user insights, OneRead evaluates the performance of your content in real-time. Gaining perspective from OneRead's evaluation, you can disrupt existing KPIs and create new ones to grow your reader base.

OneRead - online digital publishing platform

Deliver Cutting Edge Digital Content with OneRead

  • Access

    Dual access: online as well as offline + Seamless navigation

  • Platforms

    Cross-platform eCommerce stores & mobile apps, White-labelled branded eBook reader

  • Genres

    Journals, rich media, books, PPTs & training media

  • Support

    Add notes, highlights and annotations in all digital formats

Protect Your Digital Publications by Adding an Extra Layer of Security

OneRead's Security

Are you worried that your digital content might be illegally copied, pirated or unauthorizedly accessed and distributed? Worry not! OneRead is locked & loaded with flexible and secure DRM solution, aimed at ensuring the safety of your digital content and keeping intellectual property theft at bay.

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