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Frequently Asked Questions

SunTec's service spectrum is very rich and embraces an exhaustive range of ePublishing, document conversion, apps development and pre-press services. Our client base is equally diverse. We cater to corporations, educational institutions, universities, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service providers and technology companies.

As a part of our ePublishing solutions, we provide a range of eBook conversion and formatting services. We do EPUB conversion, EPUB3 conversion and formatting, Fixed Layout EPUB conversion, Flash Flip Book conversion and Kindle conversion.

Our document conversion services are equally wide ranging. At SunTec, the document conversion services include digitization and data processing services like scanning, OCR and re-keying, word processing and formatting services and digital pre-press and typesetting services. We also do XML conversion, HTML and XHTML conversion and NIMAS conversion. As a part of our document conversion services, we produce DTBooks too.

The apps developers at SunTec are very versatile and perform iPhone Apps Development, iPhone Games Development, iPad Apps Development, Children's Book Apps Development, Android Apps Development and Android Games Development with great adroitness.

SunTec has, on its rolls, a team of gifted and very experienced professionals. At present, we have more than 600 professionals working with us. They are a motley lot and include SMEs, coders, developers, document specialists, multimedia programmers, project managers, copy editors and proofreaders. When you assign us a project, we handpick a team from this lot keeping your requirements in mind. We ensure that we assemble a team with the right mix of talents and skills needed to exactly meet your needs.

At SunTec, we scrupulously avoid the use of automated tools. This is due to the reason that the use of automated tools to convert books and documents into ePublications never yields a satisfactory result. When books and documents are converted using automated tools, tables, graphs, heading, footnotes, etc., all go haywire and make an unformatted mess. That is why, at SunTec, we convert your documents manually so that you get only the best results.

When it comes to transferring data to SunTec, you have a lot of choice of formats and means. At Suntec, we accept and convert all source formats like TIFF, RTF File, MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel, Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, HTML, PaintShop Pro, XML, Acrobat, Photoshop and XHTML. If you choose to, you can even transfer your files to us in a digital format other than the ones mentioned here.

You have a lot of choice with the means of transfer too. You can email your files to us, provide them to us on a CD or DVD or as a secure FTP download. In case you have hardcopy documents, you can even courier them to us. If you want to take the FTP download route, you must know that you need a client FTP software like CuteFTP in order to access our FTP server. You will also need validated login and password details to upload your documents on our FTP server.

The cost is determined by a range of factors. The first is the source format. Our price varies depending upon whether your files are in hardcopy, PDF, MS Word, Adobe FrameMaker or the Adobe InDesign format. The second important factor which determines the cost is the complexity of the source format. In this case, the text density and the number of multiple columns, side bars, tables, graphs, images and illustrations, headers and footers, internal links, external hyperlinks, foreign characters and several such points are considered to decide the charges of our service. The third and the last factor that has a bearing on the cost is the output format you desire – EPUB, EPUB3, enhanced EPUB, Fixed Layout EPUB, KF8, PRC/MOBI, PDB or XML.

Yes, documents in certain languages are more expensive to convert than others. For example, the East Asian and Middle Eastern languages which do not use the Latin based script make it challenging for us to integrate their keys/tones for appropriate digitization. This tends to escalate the cost of conversion.

The turnaround time depends upon the nature of the project and your requirements. The two most crucial factors, however, are word count, the more the words the longer it takes to convert them, and the complexities involved. In the latter case, if the document has lots of graphics, illustrations, graphs, tables, charts, images etc., our professionals take longer to incorporate these intricate layouts into the digital format. Nevertheless, once you set us a deadline, you can rest assured that we will turn around your project within it.

Over wire transfers, or through Pay Pals and credit cards. You will have to pay a 5% surcharge if you pay using a credit card or via Pay Pal.

At SunTec, we have an impeccable record of keeping our clients' data secure. To keep your data secure we resort to encrypted data transfer and we use the SSL 3.0 version of data encryption. We also sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients and confidentiality agreements with our employees. Besides, access to our work floors is strictly regulated by biometric scans, they are also kept under constant surveillance with CCTV cameras.

Yes, definitely. We can always do a small sample work for you to help you evaluate the quality of our work. You can assign us a whole project only when satisfied with the quality of the sample. To further rid our clients of worries, we enter into Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with them which clearly lay down the quality, execution methodology and time deliverables.

Once you assign a project to us, we study it thoroughly to understand your requirements and prepare a Standardized Operating Manual (SOM). As per your requirements defined by the SOM, we scale up and train a team. The team is then put under the supervision of a Team Lead, the project execution takes place under his strict supervision. To ensure the highest quality, we have in place stringent procedures, schedules and validation checks. As long as work continues on your project, the Team Lead, who is also an SME, stays in touch with you and provides you regular updates on its progress. The finished project is delivered through FTP or server secure IDs.

Absolutely. We always sign a confidentiality agreement with our clients. Our employees, on the other hand, are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

Over phone, skype and email. We are available 24*7 to answer your queries.

Content Specifications for eBook Conversion

At SunTec Digital, we collaborate with our clients to produce eBooks which are easily navigable and render elegant display on a range of eBook readers, tablets and smartphones. However, to produce such measurable results for our clients, we want them to follow certain recommendations. Over the years, our clients have adhered to it, helping us deliver desired results for them. If you want to partner with us for your eBook conversion project, kindly follow these below mentioned guidelines. As we are well known for providing flexible solutions, we can work it out in case you find some guidelines difficult to meet.

Text Files

We accept source file in a wide range of formats like EPUB, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .html, .xml, .indd (InDesign), .qxd (QuarkXPress), scanned and print books etc. You have the choice to submit your documents in any of these formats adhering to the specific guidelines.

  • Word Documents

To prepare your .doc or .docx manuscripts for eBook conversion, firstly, you will have to make sure that the file has been proofread and edited. Secondly, you must also make sure that at least you have a title and a copyright page. Adding other pages like preface, glossary, index, about the author, etc., depends on the type of the book written. Lastly, you must ensure that the file is well-formatted and includes basic formatting such as headings, para breaks, indentation, bold, italics, etc. In case you want us to assist in proofreading and editing, page designing, and formatting, we'll be happy to give you a free quote.

  • PDF Files

While submitting the PDF files for conversion, you will have to ensure that the files are saved in press quality without any compressed or down-graded images and the file must not have any security settings activated.

  • InDesign Files

We accept InDesign files only when the conversion process demands the content to be extracted from the original source. You are requested to zip up the entire files and linked assets while sending the InDesign files through our FTP server.

  • Printed/Hard Copy Books

Want to expand the readership of your previously published hard copy titles? We can help you digitize the printed version of your book by scanning it page-by-page, using high-end scanners. Our experts use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools to capture data from image files and convert it into editable Word or PDF file. We also run your files through quality checks to minimize errors and ensure that the eBook is replica of the original layout.

We can scan hardcover as well as paperback books with utmost accuracy.

  • Other Digital Formats

Please upload the original file along with the EPUB or Kindle file, Quark, HTML or XML file when availing our eBook Conversion Services. We can also digitize a book in hard and soft copy formats.

Cover Images

We will require the cover images along with the text for the development of your eBook. If you do not have a cover image for your eBook, we can also design cover images for you. We recommend a file:

  • Format: JPG, PNG , TIFF
  • Size: Less than 10MB
  • Dimension: 1500 pixels at minimum on the shortest side
Interior Images
  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Size: Less than 10MB
  • Dimension: Large images should be 2000 pixels on the long side and small images should be between 200 and 800 pixels.
Children's Fixed Layout eBooks

We will need:

  • The PDF file showing the layout of the eBook. Please also include the ISBN in the PDF.
  • Artwork for each page, 1800 pixels at minimum on the long side.
  • Cover images without any print-specific information, 1800 pixels at minimum on the long side.
  • Text, split by page numbers
Multimedia Files

Please remember that the standard file size across all retail channels is 500 MB. In order to ensure that the embedded multimedia files play on all devices, we request that the audios and videos uploaded are as per the below mentioned specifications and are resized before being given to us.


Please submit the audio or narration files as per the following specifications:

  • Files should be in MP3 and M4A formats
  • AAC / M4A compressed files for Apple and Nook Books, and MP3 for Amazon
  • Bit rate can be in the range of 256 - 320 kbps. We highly recommend 320 kbps.
  • Sampling rate can be 8 – 48 kHz.
  • Stereo channel sound

We have designed specific guidelines for standard video files and high definition video files.

Standard Video Files
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Video Compression Format: H.264
  • Video Bit Rate: 10 Mbps
  • Video Dimensions: 720x480 pixels or 853x480 pixels
  • Stereo audio in a bit rate range of 256-320 Kbps
  • Native frame rate with no more than 30 frames per second
High-definition Video Files
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Video Compression Format: H.264
  • Video Bit Rate: ~220 Mbps
  • Video Dimensions: 1920x1080 square pixels
  • Stereo audio in a bit rate range of 256-320 Kbps
  • Native frame rate with no more than 30 frames per second
Other Guidelines
  • Videos must begin and end with one black frame
  • All videos must have poster frame images which are 300 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall
  • Reduce the file size of the video to the minimum possible
  • Do not wrap text around the images
  • Insert the images in the manuscript and also send the images to us
  • Make sure that the meaning of the images, diagram or graphs is clear even if it is seen in grayscale
  • Do not use double paragraph breaks
  • Use page breaks to separate chapters
  • Use centered break to separate sub-sections or sections
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