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Document Security and Copy Protection with Effective DRM Solutions

Digital Rights Management Services

Even though digitization of books provides authors and publishers with a number of benefits including wide market reach, they face the challenge of protecting their intellectual property rights. Anyone can download your eBook, copy content and share or sell it among peers without the copyright holder’s permission. With a suitable DRM solution, the authors and publishers can easily streamline their workflows and meet the needs pertaining to digital data-centric security, access, and distribution.

Are you worried that your digital content might be unauthorizedly accessed and distributed or illegally copied and pirated? Not anymore! With a flexible and secure Digital Rights Management solution, SunTec Digital can help you safeguard the integrity of your digital content and at the same time, keep intellectual property theft at bay.

SunTec Digital ensures that all your digital rights are managed without any hurdles. SunTec Digital offers 360-degree digital rights management solutions under one roof, helping you avoid running from one organization to the other. We take care of all the communications with the required individuals or institutions, so that you can focus on growing your business.

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Document Security and Copy Protection with Effective DRM Solutions

SunTec Digital is well-appointed with highly skilled engineers and content management professionals to cater to the varying and complex needs of publishers and content aggregators when it comes to Digital Rights Management of eBooks.

SunTec Offers the Following Services in the Digital Rights Management Space:

Being at the forefront of content transformation, we keep our fingers on the pulse of constantly evolving and changing digital file formats, publishing tools, browsers, and devices – to deliver robust, cost-effective Digital Rights Management solutions in line with the requirements of authors and publishers to lock files, prevent downloading and limit distribution. The content can neither be accessed, copied nor distributed unless the user has appropriate rights and permissions.

Our DRM solutions are used worldwide by:

  • Copyright holders and organizations involved in content selling, aiming to control IPR
  • Educational institutions for secure distribution of digital textbooks, assignments, assessments, and other material, or time-limited access – basically seeking to share their information in a controlled way
  • Enterprises ensuring compliance with business processes, or protecting trade secrets, customer data, proposals and bids, price lists, financial reports, and M & A information, etc.
  • Government bodies apprehensive of possible misuse of their highly confidential data and information

License, Protect and Monetize Your eBooks Using SunTec Digital’s Secure and Flexible DRM Solution

SunTec Digital leverages its 20+ years of experience in the publishing industry to equip you with a proprietary DRM solution to protect your digital assets wherever they go. Our Digital Rights Management solutions facilitate encrypted code embedding, helping you protect your eBook against copying, limiting the number of devices to curb content accessibility, and letting you know the time frame in which your content can be read.

In brief, customized DRM services from SunTec Digital can help you:

  • Protect your eBooks against any form of distribution as the files are locked against unauthorized access and usage
  • Safeguard your content produced in virtually any file format like MS Word, PDF, HTML5, etc.
  • Prevent copying by disabling screenshots to keep the pirates at bay
  • Set password protection

In the wake of Digital Rights Management protected content, we as a part of our DRM service, make sure that your eBooks, if shared with or forwarded to any unauthorized recipient, cannot be decrypted.

Copy Protect your eBook with SunTec Digital's DRM Services!

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