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Interactive, Enhanced Digital Textbooks for All Major Disciplines and Devices

ePublishing Services for Educational Sector

SunTec Digital supports academic institutions in building customized solutions right from preschool to elementary and high school publishers that enhance learning, teaching and administrative workflows, support personalization, and help close the performance gap.

Holding comprehensive experience in providing XML-based publishing production workflows for digital text book publishing and educational solutions, we work with a number of leading academic institutions, local educational bodies, states, and governments, charter schools, private K-12 schools, post-secondary institutions, technology providers and other innovative education providers, we make K-12 content available for multiple delivery channels in the form of printed textbooks, eBooks, and in online environments as components of LMSs (Learning Management Systems) and PLEs (Personal Learning environments).

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Interactive, Enhanced Digital Textbooks

SunTec Digital specializes in developing interactive, enhanced educational publishing solutions by leveraging advanced technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver an interactive learning experience across a variety of devices.

Pre K-12 ePublishing Solutions for All Major Disciplines and Devices

Having been in the education publishing industry for more than 20+ years, we have gained expertise in building Pre K-12 publishing solutions for all disciplines. Our professional educational publishing team of highly-experienced designers, content developers and editorial experts produce a variety of flexible and innovative educational products that meet the needs of Pre K12 schools and learners, including:

  • Student editions
  • Teacher editions (with teacher tools like grade books, calendar, etc.)
  • Tutoring
  • Workbooks
  • eReaders
  • Fully adaptive assessments (end of chapter, digitized item banks, test prep, etc.)
  • Testing materials
  • Manipulative exercises
  • Laboratory kits
  • Easel books
  • Card sets
  • Intervention/special Ed
  • DRM, DAM & LMS Solutions
  • Accessibility Solutions

SunTec Digital provides full educational eBooks production services, taking care of all aspects of project management, right from project discovery and analysis, designing the layout, copyediting, page composition, proof reading, illustrations & art work creation, graphic reproduction to producing electronic deliverables in the desired formats. We also develop Pre K12 eBooks in fixed-layout KF8 for Amazon Kindle, PagePerfect for Barnes & Noble Nook, and ePub3 for Apple, Kobo and Google, (Samsung and other Android) devices.

ePublishing Solutions for Grades Pre K-12: Case in Point


The client is a $90 million publishing corporation offering solutions to Pre K-12 learners, libraries, classrooms, and academic institutions worldwide.

Project Details

The client needed a publishing partner for single-source to multi-product publishing of K-12 level mathematics books, from information compilation to project completion through the pre-media and publishing stages.

Solutions Offered

We followed our proprietary XML-First approach, adopting MathML in publishing workflows to produce multi-format, multi-channel output files, ensuring that the semantic meaning through both layouts and numeric content is maintained all throughout:

  • Using the HTML5 and EPUB3 standards, we built workflows that smoothly and accurately transform diverse mathematics expressions and equations into the appropriate XML markup.
  • Support for K-12 mathematical content, for instance, stacked equations, long division, representations for visual mathematics (e.g., tables, graphs, diagrams, number lines), and geometrical figures.
  • Line-by-line annotations to support students through problem-solving.
  • Accessibility support specific to K-12 content, together with incorporating assistive learning technology tools.
  • Semantic enrichment of content based on various taxonomy databases
  • Adaptive learning support displaying content and exercises based on a student's response level (e.g., multiple choice).
  • Consistent adoption and support for MathML for use in multiple rendering environments, including mobile reading devices, web browsers and apps.
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