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Increase Relevancy of Your Content to a Global Audience

Multilingual eBooks Conversion Services

Digital publishing surpasses the common barriers of country or state. However, approaching an international, multilingual audience for your publications is easier said than done. As part of its multilingual eBooks development services, SunTec Digital can translate or localize your content in different international languages to create multilingual eBooks and help you expand your worldwide reach.

Being a multilingual eBooks development company we have a team of developers, programmers, conversion specialists, and language experts, supporting clients right from translating content – whether text, audio, or visual data through to modifying and upgrading it for all kinds of readership. We can deftly create eBooks in diverse languages such as English, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish-French, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, and other Latin & Non-Latin languages.

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Multilingual eBook Development Services For Increasing Reach of Content To a Global Audience

With our multilingual eBook conversion/language globalization services, we help authors, publishers, and corporations in targeting non-English speakers in their native language, thereby expanding their reach.

  • We can convert Pre K-12 books, fiction & non-fiction content, sales & marketing collaterals as well as eLearning content into multiple languages while ensuring that images, icons, and other elements used in the eBooks are culturally appropriate and contextually relevant.
  • Our teams utilize the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 to create multilingual eBooks in a variety of formats such as multilingual ePub3, KF8, fixed-layout ebooks, etc., for Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Nook, and various Android devices.
  • Our multilingual eBook conversion specialists can also embed rich media content such as video and audio, animations and interactivity, annotations, cross-references, footnotes, links to websites and social media sites, etc., into your multilingual eBooks to make them interesting for the readers.
  • Our team of copy editors proofreads and edit the content to ensure there are no spelling, grammatical or typographical errors.
  • We constantly test the eBooks across all devices to ensure seamless functionality.

SunTec Digital brings 20+ years of experience and in-depth publishing expertise to the table in multilingual eBook development services. We have converted more than 1 million titles in over 20 languages to date.

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