Portfolio: ePublishing Services

Portfolio: ePublishing Services

In our 15+years of experience in the ePublishing domain, SunTec Digital has partnered with different publishers worldwide to convert their Children's Books, K12/Educational Books, Journal/STM Books, Magazines, Travel Books/Guides, Cook Books, Coffee Table Books, Sports Books, Company Reports, etc., into well-formatted eBooks. Browse through our portfolio to learn about our capabilities.

At SunTec Digital, we have a wide portfolio of eBook conversion services which include digitization of books in formats like EPUB, EPUB3, Fixed Layout, Read Aloud, Enhanced EPUB, KF8, Mobipocket, Flash Flip Book, and several others. We accept content in various formats like .doc, .docx, .pdf, .indd, .qxd, .rtf, .txt, .html, and hard copy, soft copy, and scanned images for conversion into a digitized form. We have adept professionals with us who can create functional HTML5 CSS3 eBooks with interactive features to provide great reading experience across devices.

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To learn more about our IDPF standard compliant eBook Conversion Services, kindly get in touch with us at info@suntecdigital.com.

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