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eBook App Development

The eBook reader development, undertaken by SunTec Digital, a leading eBook app development company, facilitates publishers, content aggregators, corporate trainers and educational institutions, etc., improve learning opportunities by making digital course material easily accessible on all popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Web, etc.). The eReader supports interactive content, fixed-layout EPUB, reflowable EPUB, rich media eBooks with videos and audios, and provides a seamless user experience in both online and offline modes.

eReader App for Android

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Developed specifically to simplify and speed up the distribution of digital content, the eReader app for Android, iOS or Windows comes equipped with the ability to make notes, create multiple bookmarks for future reading, turn pages, track reading progress, look for specific content, library management features, and more. It also allows you to implement DRM protection (encryption/decryption on content) to ensure that your files are secure from being shared or copied without proper rights and permissions.

SunTec Digital's modular eReader platform is both accommodative and flexible to support a wide range of eBook categories including illustrated children's ebooks, interactive Pre K-12 books, complex STM books, journals, graphical travel guides and audio books.

eReader Platform: Interactive, Secure and Personalized Mobile Content Delivery

  • Easy-to-use and navigate interface with customizable fonts and features
  • Complete support for rich, interactive EPUB files
  • Multi-device syncing
  • Library management system that displays the list of books
  • In-app purchase
  • Subscription management based on grade, subject, language, etc.
  • DRM protection (Encryption/Decryption on content)
  • Compatible with iOS & Android-powered devices
  • Additional standard features:
    • Easy searchability
    • Bookmarks
    • Slide gesture
    • Pinch zoom
    • Pagination
    • Analytics
    • Create notes
    • Text-to-speech
    • Table of Content
    • Multilingual support
    • Create list of favorite titles
    • Highlight words, lines and paragraphs

eReader Benefits

Access to robust digital content – a mutually beneficial situation for learners, educators and publishers!


Benefits for Students

  • Easy accessibility to an integrated eReader platform, that comes loaded with a wide range of digital learning content.
  • Improved eReader capabilities such as inclusion of 2D/3D elements, interactive content pieces, audio and video integration and a host of other features, such as bookmarking, highlighting and use of hyperlinks for quick referencing, and lot more.
  • Access the course content anytime and anywhere, across devices, including desktops, mobiles, tablets, etc.
  • Reference books can now be bought via the eReader platform and can be kept in personal library or simply be loaded from external sources.

Benefits for Universities / Corporate Trainers

  • Stay one step ahead of other institutes by understanding, utilizing and promoting the benefits of digital, cross-platform, eLearning infrastructure.
  • Secure content distribution of notes and modules, which are exclusive to university/enterprise and is required to be protected from duplication, piracy, etc. eReader is DRM protected and ensures delivery of content through secure channels only.
  • Attain considerable reduction in overheads due to better library management, cost savings by not having to buy printed textbooks, together with easy dissemination of course content.
  • Use analytical dashboard to monitor the performance and progress of every student, through reports prepared on student's reading pattern.

Benefits for Publishers

  • SunTec Digital manages the entire technology infrastructure, maintenance as well as distribution of digital course content, freeing-up your resources for value-added activities.
  • Enables publishers to develop marketing and wholesale channels to cater to universities/enterprises using document management solutions.
  • Safely monetize premium content using flexible rights management to offer subscriptions based on grade, subject, language, etc., to libraries, schools & educators
  • Accelerates the distribution of course content together with keeping the learning material up to date.
  • Reporting & Analytics – bespoke administrative dashboard to help publishers in managing eBooks, orders and order fulfillment, sales reports, etc.
  • Secure distribution of digital content with the help of multi-level DRM enabled eReader platform, which is capable of preventing piracy, duplication or redistribution of content across unauthorized channels.
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