ePublishing Solutions for Technology Firms

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ePublishing Solutions for Technical Industry

Relevant and accurate content available in electronic formats facilitates management of online information and multi-channel delivery of documents – helping IT companies outwit their competitors. SunTec Digital supports ePublishing solutions for technology firms by making the transition from outdated, old-fashioned ink and paper manuals to easily accessible digital documentation that consequently helps clients in opening up potentially untapped markets and revenue channels.

Widen the reach of your content by going digital. Reach out to newer audiences globally and onboard clients from across the industry with easy-to-understand, well-formatted technical documents that are free from errors. Attach them in emails or send them across social media, pitching for new businesses was never this easier!

SunTec Digital’s ePublishing solutions help technology firms create content not only for internal training purposes, but for potential clients and general users as well. The content is customized according to the firm’s needs and all the communication required is taken care of - whether in the form of journals, papers, eBooks, or applications.

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ePublishing Solutions for Technology Firms To Prepare Your Content for the Future

With the right content conversion strategy from SunTec Digital, you can seamlessly move to a digital-first workflow, free your content from legacy limitations, and create online training materials and documentation that helps in reaching out to the target market across a range of smartphones and tablets.

We begin by analyzing your source files and business goals. Is it a hardcopy file that needs to be scanned and digitized? Does it include complex text, mathematical equations, tables, graphs, and charts? Is content saved as SGM, but needs to be converted and delivered in S1000D?

Our conversion specialists employ proven processes to convert data from a source format like printed file, PDF, or any other into the preferred format. We can convert complex elements, tables, images, cross-references, equations, and special characters with complete accuracy.

We offer ePublishing solutions for technology firms that address the exacting needs of technology service providers and manufacturers, dealing in:

  • Software
  • Computing
  • Photonics
  • Optics
  • Components
  • Internet
  • Semiconductors
  • Systems
  • Telecommunications

We work with technology firms to digitize paper-based documents and create digital assets with defined standards like XML, to keep content separate from formatting and storage. Our conversion specialists produce modular, structured content that serves the purpose of technical documentation, mobile learning, and knowledge bases.

Move from Print to Digital in No Time with SunTec Digital!

We can help you analyze, structure, and digitize documents, making them future-ready. To find out more about our ePublishing solutions for technology firms, kindly mail us at info@suntecdigital.com.

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