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Create Print-Replica eBooks with Rich Imagery and Elaborate Layout

Outsource Fixed Layout EPUB Conversion Services

With over 20+ years of experience, SunTec Digital has grown to become a leading provider of eBook conversion and ePublishing services, helping clients transform rich and complex print layouts into fixed-layout eBooks.

With the help of our comprehensive fixed layout eBook conversion services, we assist the authors and publishers in creating fixed-layout EPUB, containing text that does not reflow and can be easily panned around and even zoomed in and out. A fixed layout, as the name suggests, has a pixel-specific page size and lets you embed fonts, choose particular text sizes, appropriately position images on the page, and more, unlike the reflowable text eBooks. With fixed layout, you get to preserve the printed format, which may comprise a large number of highly complex graphical elements. Apart from helping you convert PDF to fixed layout EPUB, we can lend a hand in enhancements as well, be it a text highlight, animations, read-aloud feature, or interactivity, making it all the more engaging for the readers.

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Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services: For eBooks That Need More Complex Formatting

We help you convert PDF to fixed layout eBook to provide a rather consistent reading experience to the reader, regardless of the eReader from which your eBook is being accessed. With the help of two-page spreads, we make sure that your audience gets to experience what it's like to read a real, physical book.

Categories of books that we often reproduce in fixed-layout format for eB0ok include:

  • Scientific, technical, and medical textbooks
  • Restaurant guides
  • Coffee Table books
  • Travel guides
  • Company reports and annual reviews

Create Print-Replica eBooks with Rich Imagery and Elaborate Layout

We are proficient in creating complex fixed layout eBooks that are well equipped with lots of features viz. slide navigation, animations, background images, video, and audio integration, images and widgets, popovers on content, full-bleed graphics, videos with VTT captions, read aloud, and more.

  • Using EPUB3 fixed-layout, we provide a rich and faithful reproduction of the print elements
  • Improve accessibility using semantic structuring
  • Embed audio and video and other multi-media features together with narration overlays, ensuring that the text is highlighted as it is narrated
  • Use SVG images to dynamically resize images, without incurring a loss of clarity or definition
  • Add cross-references, footnotes, annotations, and links to websites to ensure technical accuracy and placement of citations.
  • Use embedded descriptions of images or alternate text to make pictures, drawings, illustrations, and charts more accessible for read-aloud listeners and other assistive technology users
  • Make mathematical elements re-flowable to support search and read-aloud functionality
  • To ensure your fixed-layout content is not completely dull or static, we add extra CSS and JavaScript to enable animations and interactivities, such as multiple-choice questions, quizzes, gamification, etc.

Ready-To-Publish Fixed Layout eBook Formats

Experienced fixed layout eBook conversion providing company SunTec Digital ensures that the fixed-layout eBooks that we produce are compatible with a variety of devices like Amazon Kindle, Apple, Google, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, and are ready to publish:

  • Fixed-layout EPUB3 for Apple, Google Play, Kobo, Overdrive, and eSentral.
  • Nook Kids ePIB – Barnes & Noble's proprietary format, supported by Nook Color. [ePIB is a revised version of EPUB that readers can make use of for better interactivity - reading aloud passages, magnifying text, etc.]
  • PagePerfect PDF & Nook Comics for Barnes & Noble
  • Fixed-layout KF8 & Kindle Comics for Amazon Kindle devices like Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD & Kindle Paperwhite
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Since you are only a step away from successful eBook publishing, you will need someone who is well-versed with the entire conversion exercise. Make SunTec Digital your offshore partner to get round-the-clock support and assistance in performing the complex and time-consuming conversion processes and delivering the fixed-layout content within the stipulated time frame. Outsource fixed layout eBook conversion services to us and leave all the hassles of digital conversions to us. To know more about our cost-effective and value-driven services, kindly connect with us straight away!

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