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At The Heart of A Great Organization Is Seamless Communication

Corporate Training Apps

SunTec Digital works closely with organizations to help them in customized corporate communication apps development which makes it easier for businesses to communicate with clients, prospects, investors, and internal teams. We develop corporate training apps, power-packed with a number of features, to make your investor relations, public relations, learning & training content, employee communications, and other marketing content mobile.

Why include Mobile Apps in your marketing & communications mix?

  • Speed of content publishing & distribution
  • Tremendous cost savings over the paper, postage, and distribution
  • Better content consumption and improved levels of engagement with interactive content

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Now Easily Communicate With All Areas of Your Business!

  • Employee Logins: Assign unique login IDs to control access
  • Push Notifications: Alert users about new information with push notifications
  • Team Business Chat: Interact with multiple users in real-time and increase team productivity
  • Video Integration: Engage with your employees, clients, and prospects using interactive features and videos
  • Distribute Content: Digitally deliver newsletters and in-house magazines
  • Notes and Highlights: Let users make notes and highlights, easily
  • Social Media Sharing: Users can share content via email and across social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Events: Users can directly add events from the app to their calendar
  • Run it on Any Device: Our corporate app supports Mac, iOS, Windows, and Linux

The Heart of A Great Organization Is Seamless Internal Communication

This is why we do corporate communication apps development with a robust user interface and easy-to-use CMS. A customized business communications app enables entrepreneurs to communicate both internally and externally through a single app framework. The application has a subscriber management system so that you can separate both types of communication material and ensure that users receive only what is relevant to them.

Internal Communication

Now stay connected with your employees across the globe, boost employee engagement, and provide them critical company information instantaneously with corporate communication apps, bespoke to your needs.

Simplify Communication with Internal Teams and Employees
Business-critical documents, company reports, sales and training materials – everything can be easily accessed in one place. Users are provided a unique ID to login from their device and access the required content.

Easily Find Company Publications
Store critical documents in appropriate categories to facilitate quick search. The app displays the latest documents on top, providing users with up-to-date information.

Get Online and Offline Access
Users can access app content even when they are offline. With full reporting capabilities, management teams can see the number of subscribers who are viewing a publication together with the number of times each page is viewed.

External Communication

Stay Connected Via Robust Corporate App Across Any Device
Whether your clients, investors, and prospects are using iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile, or a PC, they can easily download your corporate communication app and readily access the information.

Let Your Stakeholders and Clients Stay Updated
With push notifications, all the app users are notified, as and when a new publication is posted. They can also access the archive versions of the publications.

Complete Confidentiality is Maintained
Publications in the app are accessible to authorized users with accurate login details. Only users with access to the platform can upload content (documents and multi-media) for distribution, giving you the confidence to share secure files digitally.

Give Your Staff A Central Hub for Communication!

Want to cut down on chaos, boost team productivity, and improve communication? Contact SunTec Digital today for corporate communication apps development. We can build a unified corporate communications app for businesses to communicate, share, and collaborate.

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