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Make Learning Fun with Highly Engaging Corporate Training Apps

Employee Training Apps for Corporates

Looking to teach and train your employees on the go? Team up with SunTec Digital for a range of corporate training apps development services. We help you make training available and accessible to employees, irrespective of the place and time they choose. We leverage advanced technologies to create customized corporate training apps that help businesses in meeting their training objectives, bridging the skills gap,s and gaining a competitive edge in terms of human capital.

Our teams of corporate training app developers, designers, and programmers create user-friendly, efficient, and secure applications that the employees can access on the device they use. The apps can be used by both internal training departments of large organizations and training companies that offer professional development services.

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Make Learning Fun with Highly Engaging Corporate Training Apps

SunTec Digital creates corporate training apps to provide learners with an easy way to access enhanced training materials. We work closely with businesses across all industries to create customized corporate training solutions with features like sound effects, video lectures, and interactive assessments, thereby making learning easy and interesting for trainees.

The corporate training apps are also power-packed with a robust analytics suite for businesses to assess the engagement of trainees through metrics like click-through rate on links and videos, amount of time spent on a particular page within the training material, etc.

We develop corporate training apps for:

We can also help corporations in moving to MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) centric training approach to address the needs of new employees and provide training to them.

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