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End-to-end Content Production and Technology Solutions for Educational & Children’s eBooks to B2B & Professional Publishers.

ePublishing Solutions For Industry Verticals Niches

SunTec Digital is recognized for its expertise and high standards in ePublishing, management, and distribution of content. We deliver superior tools and services related to designing & developing EPUB3, HTML5, MOBI, PDF, Interactive eBooks, XML typesetting and production management, eReading apps, Mobile apps; DRM solutions, eBooks distribution, cover design & illustration, multilingual publishing, etc., to a wide spectrum of publishers.

SunTec Digital worked with more than 1000 Publishers worldwide, including children’s book Publishers, educational and STM Publishers – delivering over 2,700,000 pages last year. XML generated by SunTec Digital is fail-safe when submitting to PubMed Central, Highwire Press, JSTOR, and other prominent journals and archives.

With 20+ years of experience in providing ePublishing solutions for different industry verticals, SunTec Digital comes armed with a robust team of specialized developers, graphic designers, animators, and SMEs committed to high-quality service delivery. Our QA & QC programs are built into all processes, ensuring that we will deliver an excellent product and service experience, every time.

SunTec Digital can help you not only analyze your current workflows, but also enhance them, and deliver your journal/book content successfully to your target audience, across industry verticals & niches.

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Digital Content Solutions From SunTec Digital Can Help You With:

  • Pre-press & typesetting services, media rights acquisition
  • Cross-reference and digital object identifier (DOI) Linking within articles
  • Illustrations & graphics, creation, and manipulation of complex tables & figures
  • Book as an app; mobile app development
  • LMS, DRM, DAM Solutions
  • Complete eBook and journal production & management (project management)

SunTec Digital: Your ePublishing Solutions Partner

Whether you have created academic books, magazines, marketing collaterals, journals, B2B directories, or a New York Times bestseller, we can help you convert them into ePublishing solutions that engage the target audience.

We are competent at working across all academic disciplines for grades Pre K–16, supporting educational publishers in moving from print to digital to mobile, easily and quickly.

We closely work with children's eBook publishers to help them convert picture books, books for toddlers, comics & graphic novels into fixed-layout eBook format. We leverage HTML5 and CSS3 to create interactive children's books that are device-agnostic.

Our range of interactive comic books publishing solutions include transforming full-color, graphic-rich comics into visually appealing, interactive digital products that feature read aloud content, animations, gallery, pop-ups and guided views.

With in-depth technical expertise working with both Science, Technical, and Medical (STM), and Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), we can precisely convert journals and scholarly works into various XML formats.

To deliver quality STM publishing solutions to the clients, we adhere to stringent international standards to publish STM content and use component-based HTML5 workflow, style templates, automation scripts and advanced search-and-replace functions.

Whether you are dealing in fiction, non-fiction, or reference books, we can help you convert them into ePublishing solutions for easy access across all platforms and devices. Our services include conceptualization, copyediting, composition, eBook cover design, and eBook creation & conversion services.

We can help you convert your content into digital magazines with features like sound effects, 2D and 3D animations, audios, video clips, RSS, rating, subscription & feedback forms, hyperlinking, etc.

With B2B publishing, we support publishers in converting large-volume legacy printed content into digital products, semantically tagging them to improve their searchability. Further, we also help in managing intellectual property rights and handle the procurement of media assets like audio, video, images, animations, etc., to make sure that they are licensed for proper use.

Digital Catalogs

To support businesses boost their reach and revenue, we efficiently convert static catalogs into interactive digital catalogs that are easily accessible across a number of devices.

Digital Travel Guides/ Brochures

We can convert your travel guides into interactive products with elements like high-resolution pictures, embedded fonts, animations, charts and graphs, geo-location functionality as well as external linking to Google Maps.

Government & Defense

SunTec Digital works with global military and civilian agencies, helping them convert official records, legislative and regulatory repositories, historical archives, and technical content in different standards like S1000D, USMC V1, MIL-STD-2361, MIL-STD-3001, MIL-STD-38784, NAVSEA Class 2 (C2), and All types of Air Force DTDs.

Corporate Publishing Services

We help Fortune 500 companies and other professional services firms across diverse industry verticals in creating, converting, and digitizing content with complete accuracy. Our teams can efficiently convert brochures, company reports, newsletters, and other marketing collateral in preferred file format, ensuring easy access.

Institutional Publishing

From students' personal information, academic reports and attendance records, organizations' administrative and management data to textbooks, conversion specialists at SunTec Digital can convert them all into a suitable file format for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions.

Financial Communications

We work closely with global financial communications companies to help them digitize documents like Statements, Annual Reports, Brochures, Regulatory Forms, Proxy cards, etc., with utmost accuracy and complete data security.

With a range of ePublishing solutions for the aerospace & aviation industry, SunTec Digital helps clients convert legacy manuals into the latest standards such as S1000D, ATA 100/104 Specs, ATA iSpec 2200 Specs, ANSI Standards, AECMA, ASD STE, and MIL Standards. Our teams can efficiently create, convert, and manage complex technical documents, ensuring the digital products reflect the latest developments in aircraft maintenance technology.

Offering an array of digital content / ePublishing services, SunTec Digital supports lawyers, attorneys, and legal professionals in converting large volumes of documents and code materials into easy-to-access file formats.


Now is the best time to publish digital content for yourself and your firm by availing expert help from experienced industry professionals. Contact SunTec Digital for high-quality affordable ePublishing solutions by reaching out to us directly at info@suntecdigital.com.

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