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eBook Creation and Conversion Services

SunTec Digital is among the leading eBook production companies, helping authors/publishers transform their new and established works into digital form. We offer eBook design, creation, production, and eBook conversion services to our global clients.

We are well-versed in technical development as per eBook standards and specifications, eBook design and production, and workflow and metadata management. This helps us convert content from a single source into multiple formats, delivering a digital experience, and subsequently engaging the reader.

Our content is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the eBook and general digital formats. eBooks are quite different in the way they are read and consumed when compared to traditional hard bound books, and that is why SunTec Digital always keeps evolving its strategy according to the user’s demands.

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Read-Aloud eBooks for Enhanced Engagement With Readers

SunTec Digital produces beautiful fixed-layout eBooks with read-aloud narration, syncing professionally narrated audio to text – enabling readers with a more 'immersive' reading experience, with each word highlighted as it is readout. We create visually appealing read-aloud EPUB3 versions of children's illustrated fiction, educational books, travel guides, newspaper articles, magazines, cookbooks, and other fiction and non-fiction titles, and more!

Focusing on accurate time counters, user interface, read aloud controls, media overlays, and other elements, our teams ensure that every single word of the narration is mapped to the appropriate word within the title. If required, we can also add an ambient soundtrack to be played when the book is being read as well as sound effects that are triggered when the reader taps a specific element on a page or turns the page.

Transform Your Content into Interactive Fixed-Layout Read Aloud eBooks

State-of-the-art infrastructure, technical competency, and dedicated teams make SunTec Digital a reliable partner for fixed layout read aloud eBook conversion services. We use advanced technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 to turn your print titles into digital talking books that keep your readers engaged with their eBook read aloud feature.

Our read aloud fixed layout eBook conversion services include:

  • Narrated storybooks
  • Digital talking books creation in different formats such as MP3, WMP, RA, etc.
  • Read aloud books creation in NIMAS and DAISY formats
  • Newspapers conversion in real-time Talking Newspapers
  • Math and Science books using inline ASCII Math

Partnering with SunTec Digital for EPUB3 audio book development services means building cutting-edge end products with advanced technology and at cost-efficient prices.

Complete Multimedia Support

To add advanced functionality and features to your read aloud audio books, we use HTML5 and epub3 to embed audio and video files in the content documents. Further, we add media overlays to ensure synchronization of audio with the text of a content document for publication.


Being a read aloud EPUB conversion services provider we create interactive, read-aloud books with text-to-speech (TTS) facilities such as Pronunciation Lexicons, Inline SSML Phonemes, and CSS Speech Features to control aspects of speech synthesis like prosody, pronunciation, and voice characteristics.

Global Language Support

To help you improve the global distribution of publications, we add alternate representations of all text metadata items and create content for several languages and cultures. Equipped with teams of language specialists, we produce read aloud books in different International languages like English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, etc.

Enhanced Metadata

We add publication metadata to provide general information like titles, authors, identifiers, etc., as well as complete bibliographic details to the readers, as per your specific requirements, to make your digital assets more searchable.

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What better way to engage your audience than to provide them with read aloud eBooks that they can listen to on the web or their mobile devices? Let SunTec Digital help you create digital audiobooks at cost-efficient prices! To learn more about our read aloud eBook conversion services, please write to us at info@suntecdigital.com and we shall get back to you shortly!

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