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Catalog, Share, Socialize and Sell Your eBooks on the Go!

Outsource eBook Catalog App for Authors

Now easily catalog, share, socialize and sell your eBooks on the go with SunTec Digital's Book Catalog App for Authors!

Provide your readers a far better experience with your own eBook catalog app. This application enables readers to buy your eBooks, rate and review them, share their opinion about your book, preview your sample chapters, and check your media galleries such as videos and images. With the help of such a multi-tasking application, you can keep track of your ebook’s performances.

SunTec Digital helps you in developing a personalized and flexible eBook catalog app for authors, where you can upload and manage any type of content, review, and have control over user experience.

All the book titles are displayed very aesthetically, including complete information about the authors and their previous works. SunTec Digital’s eBook catalog apps act as great information resources - helping readers find titles easily. Authors can also add their websites, which also includes their photo gallery, blogs, newsletters, and a window to their personal opinions.

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Simple & Secure eBook Listing and Selling Through eBook Catalog App

The eBook Catalog App is designed with complete flexibility, providing authors with complete control over user experience, title upload and content management. You can also connect with your readers and interact with them through push notifications and in-app messages.

The app provides you with a smooth display of titles in a bookshelf view or carousal fashion and comes laced with an intuitive admin interface so that you can upload new titles in appropriate categories along with all their details

Key Features

  • Smooth carousal display of all titles
  • Search/sort titles
  • Listing of bestsellers
  • Book details including:
    • Author details (CV)
    • Excerpts
    • Reviews
    • Preview sample chapter
    • Download links
    • Purchase price
      • Print book
      • eBook
  • User wish list
  • Social media links
  • Follow author/recent tweets
  • Ask/book an author
  • Events (past & upcoming)
  • Awards and achievements
  • Media gallery (photos, videos, YouTube links, etc.)
  • In-app author website
  • Both iOS and Android compatibility
  • Notifications for updates
  • Admin panel to manage app content

Sharing, Socializing and Selling Books: Things the Book Catalog App can do!

Catalog Your Books

The eCatalog App makes it easy to catalog your work, and displays smoothly on both Android and iOS devices. You can access your book database anytime and anywhere!

Promote/ Manage Profile

Your readers want to know more about you, your experiences, interests, biography, awards and achievements, source of inspiration for writing a particular book and more. How about an app that can help you manage your profile and share information? eCatalog App for Authors does just this!


Socialize the reading experience! Express your thoughts, write reviews, share photos, videos and multimedia content! eBook Catalog App makes it easy to connect with your fans and readers across the world via social media networking.

Engage Users with Push Notifications

Send push notifications to engage the users and keep them updated.

Create Wish Lists

Users can easily create and maintain their wish list for instant access.

For More Information

Want a catalog app that enables you to manage your front list/back list titles while easily connecting with your readers? Get in Touch with us! You can also write-in to us at info@suntecdigital.com to find out how we can assist you.

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