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Make a Digital Transformation with KF8 Conversion

EPUB to MOBI Conversion

KF8, Amazon's next-generation file format is richly packed with a number of features & formatting capabilities together with support for HTML5 and CSS3, enriching the reader experience!

Leverage the Cutting-Edge KF8 Platform, and Its Great Enhancement Features

SunTec Digital facilitates authors, publishers, academic institutions, and enterprises to make a transition to eText and digital resources by enabling the publication of content in KF8 format for Kindle books on both born-digital and conversion projects, together with leading the QA efforts and streamlining the production process.

With the experience of more than 20+ years in ePublishing, SunTec Digital has worked across every major genre including educational publishing, children’s eBooks, Journals, STM Publishing, trade books, digital magazines, B2B publishing, etc. This makes us a competent business partner in content transformation. We can expertly convert any type of content into KF8/ MOBI format (application files, PDF and Word document, scanned pages, custom XML), with high-quality standards and in quick turnaround time.

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Always Stay In Sync With The Biggest eBook Publishing Platform-Amazon

Grow your digital content reach with a 360-degree transformation partner.

Our KF8/MOBI conversion services are imbued with an advanced updation system. Every time Amazon changes its eBook publishing rules or formats, we follow it up by updating your content copies to match the latest standards.

This aspect of our services comes in handy with all significant Amazon KDP format and standard updates, like the one in 2021.

Amazon Ends MOBI Support For Reflowable Books

Since June 28, 2021, Amazon only allows KPF, EPUB, or Word files as the accepted format for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It no longer extends support for MOBI when publishing reflowable eBooks.

However, Amazon still supports fixed-layout books in the MOBI format.

With our Kindle Format 8 conversion services, you can stay assured that your content will always have your audiences' attention on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Make a Digital Transformation with KF8 Conversion Services

Leveraging the advanced KF8 features, SunTec Digital helps in creating advanced KF8 eBooks in both reflowable formats for text-heavy titles, fixed-layout format for children's picture books, comics, and graphic novels, and Kindle edition with audio/video format.

Proper alignment, line spacing, sharp colors, margin, justification, border and style, embedded fonts, searchability, scalable vector graphics (SVG) that can be zoomed without loss of fidelity, floating elements like sidebars, callouts, boxed text, and images with text wrapping, together with metadata and alternate text are part of every digital product we create in KF8.

We can enhance your eBook by adding rich media content from other sources, and supplement course textbooks with assessments & exercises, multimedia lecture notes, and other personalized content.

Our teams are familiar with the Kindle Publishing guidelines and can help you enhance your digital transformation and market agility, with ease.

Key Differentiators

  • Expertise in KF8 together with HTML5, SVG, WAI-ARIA
  • Six Sigma project managers & subject matter experts
  • ISO Certified for quality and information security
  • Agile methodology & workflow optimization
  • Thorough validation check
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Irrespective of how intricate your EPUB to MOBI conversion project is, our teams meticulously convert the documents to ensure the best possible display and readability. For more information about our Kindle Format 8 conversion services, kindly contact us today!

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