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Journal Publishing Solutions

SunTec Digital employs an affordable, efficient and integrated approach to deliver a wide range of high-quality journal publishing solutions. Holding extensive experience working with Science, Technical and Medical (STM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), and professional journals, we proficiently convert journal articles and other scholarly works into various XML, XBRL, EPUB, MOBI, and other formats to meet client’s specific requirements.

As part of its journal publishing services, SunTec Digital delivers high-quality born-digital publishing solutions (can also digitize backlist titles) for submission in prominent journals in niche areas, like PubMedCentral, HighWire Press, the Royal Society of Chemistry, ScienceDirect, the National Academies Press, etc.

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State-of-the-Art Technology for Journal Publishing

With agile journal publishing, SunTec Digital helps clients in cleansing, structuring, editing, and converting content created in word files or available in the form of hardcopy, image-based, PDF files, etc., into electronic formats. Our journal production operations are supported by our XML-centric architecture and workflow, corroborated by in-depth technology expertise in ePublishing.

Our team of journal publishing specialists has vast experience in PubMed to journal conversion, working with standard templates and software; however, if required, we can also provide design and layout template creation services. We are adept at digitizing journals in multiple languages like English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, etc., for varied platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Apple, and Android.

Journal Publishing Workflow

After receiving your files for journal publishing, we undertake the following steps:


All the manuscripts are reviewed by our team of copy editors to make sure that they comply with a journal style guide as well as publisher-specific guidelines for grammar, punctuation, and style. Our copy editors are proficient in a variety of style guides, including MLA, APA (American Psychological Association), CMoS (Chicago Manual of Style), AMA (American Medical Association), etc.

XML Coding

We implement XML coding as per journal DTD specification to deliver the output XML for page composition.

First Page Proof Composition

Our experts code the manuscript to enable the typesetting process. Further, the data is paginated, proofread, cross-checked, and incorporated.

Page Proof Revision

We review and revise the coded data as per the client’s recommendations for content or style. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team cross-checks the revised file for accuracy. We mark all the revisions on the page proofs, which are later scanned and sent to clients in PDFs.


Our experts, index and typeset the manuscript to be sent to the client for review and confirmation.

Printer Files Processing

Once the page proofs are approved and finalized, we create a print-ready PDF and send it to the client for approval.

We implement the XML conversion process in tune with the Docbook DTD specification, using the exported XML file from InDesign. The encoded version is checked for errors, which are rectified to finally validate the XML file.

We export the EPUB file from InDesign by using XML and validate it for various applications and devices like Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple iPad, Google, etc.). The final quality analysis is performed to ensure style and content accuracy.

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